Share Sweet and Romantic Valentines Day Sms For Him, Happy Valentines Day Messages for Her impress your Valentine. Valentine’s Day is a special day for the lovers. People throughout the world celebrate this day with lots of excitement. Send short Valentine’s day sms to your beloved and make the love celebrations memorable for 2018. Here we have some sweet love wishes collection to say Happy Valentine’s Day to the special one.

we All Should Know that …
God did not create woman from man’s head,
That he should command her,
Nor from his feet,
That she should be his slave,
But rather from his side.
That she should be near to his heart.
Care Your Lofe Partner ..
Happy Valentines Day..

Love SMS for Valentine's Day

Love SMS for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day …
The knowledge of God….
Is very far from the love of Him….

Some Women Flirt More…
With What They Say,…
And Some With What They Do…
Have A Safe Valentines day..

So husbands ought…
To love their own wives…
As their own bodies…
He who loves his wife loves himself…
Happy Beautiful Valentines Day…

Valentine’s Day SMS Wishes For Him

My son,
Do not….
Despise the chastening of the LORD,,,
Nor be discouraged when..
‘U’ R rebuked by Him..
For whom the…
LORD loves He chastens.
Happy Valentines day..

Valentines Day is not only 4 lovers..
But should also b d time to Reflect
On our past lovers and hope
That they r alive,

Alone & miserable..

.  .**,  ,**.
.*      *      *
.  *.       . *
.     “*,,*”
This is my Heart Is For Her,
Who Love Me Very Much…
Wo jahaan bhi hai usy..
Happy Valentines Day

This valentine,
Make sure u send
The one u love a basket of flowers,
Buy her a box of chocolates
And tell her u love Her very deeply.

My Valentine lover gave me his heart…
In return I gave Him mine…
To keep with him…
Till the end of time…

Love SMS Wishes For Him Her Valentine's Day

Love SMS Wishes For Him Her Valentine’s Day

But whoever Has this worlds goods.
& sees his brother in need,
& shuts up his heart from him,
How Does The Love of God abide in him..
Happy Valentines Day….

Valentine’s Day Wishes SMS For Her

Jesus said to him!!!
‘U’ shall love the LORD ur…
God with all ur heart,
with all ur soul,
& with all ur mind…
& the second is like it..
‘U’ shall love ur neighbor as yourself.
So Love My Dear Ok ?????
Happy Valentines Day

Hoosier Farmer Said ::
Love is the thing,,
That enables a woman,,
To sing while she mops up the floor,,
After her husband has walked,,,
Across it in his barn boots,,,
Happy Valentines Day To All Couples

Happy Valentines Day…
Love Is A Driver…
Bitter & Fierce If ‘U’ Fight & Resist Him,
Easy-going, Once ‘U’ Acknowledge His Power.

T forgive in love costs us our sense of justice.
To serve in love costs us time….
To share in love costs us money….
Every act of love costs us in some way,,,
Just as it cost God to love us….
But we are to live,
A life of love just as Christ loves us,,,
& gave Hmslf for us at great cost to Himself.

For God so loved the world
That He gave His only begotten Son,
That whoever believes in Him….
Should not perish but have everlasting life..
Have A Good Valentnes Day…