Love is in the air with romantic Valentine poems. Get into the romantic spree and express those hidden feelings to your sweetheart. Say those unspoken words and sweep her off her feet. Bring out the love that you share and unite in a circle of togetherness called love.

With these romantic Valentine poems reconnect with your darling and show him/her your true feelings. Every Valentine poem tells an undying tale of love and commitment. And as feelings rise this valentine open your heart and say those words that you always wanted to say. Whisper those promises that you mean everyday of your life. Bring out the tenderness that has remained hidden for long.

Romantic Love Poems

Romantic Love Poems

Get into a glowing charisma of Valentine with lovely and heart touching Valentine poems.

I Love You
By Ara John Movsesian

You’re kissable and cuddly;
You’re lovable and sweet;
You thrill me every minute,
And sweep me off my feet.

You’re charming and disarming,
Desirable and true.
You inspire and impress me,
And that’s why I love you!

A Plain Old Kiss
By Ara John Movsesian

Some people need a peck or two;
For others a simple smooch will do;
Too many, a graze will stimulate;
A few may want to osculate.

And then, there are those who need a smack;
For flowery words they have a knack.
But all I want from you is bliss,
Which you can give me with a plain, old kiss!

By Ara John Movsesian

Wildflowers bloom on a mountainside,
As icy waters on their tumbling ride,
Flow in haste to meet the Sea,
On a cycle that will always be.

Cycles, cycles everyplace,
Even in my life, I face,
The fact that cycles often race
With no regard to proper pace.

So I was born and grew up fast,
And now I’m free to love at last,
And need you to complete the chain
Of the cycle that is in my name.

Two Hearts as One
Two people joined together, two hearts joined as one,
Sanctified by God, what a wonderful thing the Lord has done.
Remember, you are companions in each other, you must have faith and trust,
Respect and honor each other, never let your union be unjust.
Love your mate more than yourself; let it be known every day,
Confide in each other; never push your partner away.
Praise each other; think how the other might feel,
Always be kind and caring, so your marriage won’t lose its thrill.

Love Poems For Valentine's Day

Love Poems For Valentine’s Day

I’m In Love With You
© Meagan D. Murdoch
It’s the way you say I love you and the way you hold my hand
There’s just so much about you I completely understand
It’s the twinkle in your eye that I only see when you look at me
It’s the warmness of your hands it sends a shock straight to my feet
It’s how you always amaze me, you surprise me all day long
This I know is true
Baby, I’m in love with you!

I’m with you for long time,

i’m with you for long time,
your words makes me feel shine,
your sweetest word with me,
like you are always with me.
Because of you im everything,
but you need to know something,
you spent lots of time with me of ur life,
precious for me til the end of life.

My Only Sweetheart
© Brandi Grate

My sweetheart from now until forever
Even when death separates us,
You will always be my only true love.
I will never leave you nor hurt you
You’re my one and only SWEETHEART.

I know someday…

I know someday I will find
that soul mate who is loving and kind
I know you are out there waiting for me
You are in my thoughts, you are in my dreams