Love is all around with romance filling the air and once more it is time for Valentine. Valentine’s Day is not just a day, but a celebration caravan filled with the hues of affection, adoration, love, care, respect, trust, romance and passion. It’s a day when people come together to express their deepest of feelings to one another.

And as this approaches, we want to give our loved ones a gift that says it all. An Expression of love! So come, let’s see some simple and elegant Valentine Crafts to make your sweetheart awe in admiration and surprise. Your valentine gift will not only stand out but will also reflect the time and effort put in to make something unique, especially for him/her.

Romantic Craft Ideas for Valentine's Day

Romantic Craft Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Top 5 Valentine Craft Ideas

These Valentine crafts are romantic as well as unique and promise to make hearts skip a beat!

Romantic Valentine Craft Idea # 1

Heart Pillowcase

Make a cute and adorable pillowcase with a heart shaped patchwork.

  • Take 4 pieces of colorful patches of cloth and cut 16 3” squares.
  • Sew four rows of four squares.
  • Sew all the four rows together
  • Fold the square into half and cut in the shape of a heart.
  • Now take a readymade pillow cover and stitch this heart on it.

Your beautiful and special heart pillowcase is ready.

Romantic Valentine Craft Idea # 2

Cuddly Heart

This is a soft and cuddly valentine heart for your sweetheart.

  • Take some red satin cloth. The size depends on how big you want to make it.
  • Take some scrap of quilt batting or you can also put some sponge if you like.
  • Some white or pink lace for decorating the edges.
  • Cut the red satin cloth in the shape of a heart.
  • If you like you can also write “I love You” or your sweetheart’s name on the cloth.
  • Put the quilt batting on the backside of the cloth and place the other heart shaped cloth.
  • Stitch the valentine heart together. Decorate the edges with the white lace

Your Valentine Heart is ready.

Paper Hug Valentine Craft

Paper Hug Valentine Craft

Romantic Valentine Craft Idea # 3

Rose Petal Napkin Rings

Turn an ordinary napkin ring into a beautiful and delicate Napkin ring.

  • Take a pair of plastic napkin rings, rose petals and a burgundy ribbon.
  • Paste the burgundy ribbon over the plastic napkin ring, to give it a valentine feel.
  • Once it has dried completely paste the base of the rose petals on the ring and completely fill it with the petals. Let it dry

Your fragrant and delicate rose petal napkin ring is ready.

Romantic Valentine Craft Idea # 4

Flower Centerpiece

Bring the romance into your living room with this lovely flower centerpiece

  • Take a store bought heart shaped basket
  • Florist foam
  • Plastic lining
  • Fresh flowers – at least two varieties. The larger flowers can be carnations all of the same color or roses for center and filler flowers for accent.
  • Cover the heart shaped basket with heavy plastic and cut the florist foam in the shape of a heart, filling the basket completely.
  • Cut the center flowers of the same depth as the basket or slightly longer and fill the basket that almost no foam should show.
  • Cut the accent flowers to the same length and fill around the center flowers until the basket is completely filled.

Your centerpiece is ready. You can present it as a valentine gift or can keep as a valentine decoration.

Romantic Valentine Craft Idea # 5

Valentine Candles

Give a romantic feel to the whole valentine evening.

  • Buy 4-5 taper candles
  • Some heart candies. You can also go for some simple velvet hearts if you like.
  • Add these valentine hearts to the base of the candles. Make sure they are evenly placed otherwise the candles wouldn’t stand properly.

Your attractive and beautiful Valentine candles are ready.

So come let’s make this valentine special and unique with these romantic valentine craft ideas for your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day!